I Hold Nothing

from by Mount Eerie



"I Hold Nothing"

Your love
swells and pounds me
and I know nothing (now that I know you).
My face goes blank, my eyes go open gates,
and the world can go in, the world can stay
and make us wealthy
and can take away
so I hold nothing (now that I hold you).
There's no place to use our money where we live.
The generous world suggests generous living,
so we lay under low wide branches of the oldest tree
on the dune, or in the hay,
where we will stay for so long, so slow, that
the careful birds will relax and make black nests
in your black hair
and walk around beneath my still feet
and we will only notice the play of the world for a moment and then let it roll on
the way the world rolls on
through open gates.

In a generous way, I give long walks to the dogs.
In a generous way I put commas in songs.
In a generous way I give closed eyes to the day.
In a generous way I give peace to the long slow decay
so we do not need to fear dying.


from No Flashlight (2015 reissue), released September 11, 2015



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Mount Eerie Anacortes, Washington

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