Mount Eerie

by the Microphones

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Evan Ramirez
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Evan Ramirez Like 'Kid A' or 'To Be Kind,' this album is found on the final frontier of music. The first album which physically affected me and put me in a midday stupor which lasted a week. It is beyond criticism or any kind of judgement, really. The story which unfolds through these five 'tracks' is so far out my grasp; it's bigger than all of us. Favorite track: IV. Mount Eerie.
Ben Hall
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Ben Hall more conceptual and daring in feel to thr Glow pt. 2, and I waver on which I prefer. this is so enthralling though, especially when you pay attention to Phil's metaphysical journey in the lyrics, and the various characters of the story. again beautiful, with some killer tribal drumming Favorite track: IV. Mount Eerie.
diskant thumbnail
diskant This is one of the most intriguing works of 'popular music' for me, a masterpiece, evoking a lot of associations when listening.

I think that track 1 (the sun) is really inspiring, but for me there is not really a single favorite track. There is rather “my favorite unit” in this work: it's tracks 3, 4 and 5 that are parts of a coherent musical unit. I would call it 'Mount Eerie part 2'.

So I think that these three tracks shouldn't be played separately. Favorite track: I. the Sun.
Clem McCulloch
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Clem McCulloch Equal parts drone and musical theatre - this is Phil Elverum's weirdest album by far. Most excellent. Favorite track: IV. Mount Eerie.
Ben Yaxley
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Ben Yaxley Nice rainy, noisy drum stuff Favorite track: I. the Sun.


Originally released in early 2003 by K of Olympia, Wash., reissued on vinyl available Aug. 20th, 2013 from P.W. Elverum & Sun of Anacortes, Wash.

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released January 21, 2003



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Mount Eerie Anacortes, Washington

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