Clear Moon

by Mount Eerie

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skeeterknees thumbnail
skeeterknees i am kin to the cold, dirt floor Favorite track: Clear Moon.
clarence cornish
clarence cornish thumbnail
clarence cornish reminds me of what i wanna hear on planet earth's last day...a gentle lament in remembrance of all that has gone... Favorite track: the Place I Live.
Adam Bates
Adam Bates thumbnail
Adam Bates I discovered this album by searching 'experimental' and I was pleasantly surprised by this fellow Washingtonian. Very weird and therefore fantastic. Favorite track: Through The Trees pt. 2.
Joey Alto
Joey Alto thumbnail
Joey Alto I love Phil's work and really look forward to all of his releases. Clear Moon starts off with echos from Mt Eerie ep resonating up within his new recording studio The Unknown. Slow builds and deep grooves...
"I meant all my songs
not as a picture of the woods
but just to remind myself
that I briefly live. " Favorite track: Lone Bell.
garyh. thumbnail
garyh. I love all Phil's output. This album is my most played in the bandcamp app, great to fall asleep. Favorite track: Lone Bell.
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released May 22, 2012

RECORDED between October 3rd, 2010 and January 7th, 2012 at the UNKNOWN in Anacortes, Wash. by Phil Elverum

Allyson Foster on “THROUGH THE TREES pt. 2” & “the PLACE I LIVE”
Geneviève Castrée on “OVER DARK WATER”
Carson Churchill and Paul Benson on “CLEAR MOON”

vinyl mastered by John Golden
mp3s mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

RELEASED as “ELV025” in the wet late spring of 2012 by:
P.W. ELVERUM & SUN, ltd. box 1561 Anacortes, Wash. U.S.A. 98221


all rights reserved


Track Name: Through The Trees pt. 2
and disillusioned,
I go on describing this place
and the way it feels to live and die.

The “natural world”
and whatever else it’s called
I drive in and out of town
seeing no edge, breathing sky

and it’s hard to describe
without seeming absurd.
I know there’s no other world:
Mountains and websites

Dark smoke fills the air
some from the fire in my house
some from me driving around

I could see the lights of town
through the trees on the ridge
on my way home in the dark.

I meant all my songs
not as a picture of the woods
but just to remind myself
that I briefly live.

The gleaming stone
the moon in the sky at noon
there is no other world
and there has never been.

I still walk living sleeping
life in the real world of clouds
clawing for meaning.

Still when I see branches in the wind
the tumultuous place where I live
calls out revealing.

"Can you see the river in the branches
and know that it means you will die
and that pieces are churning?"

"Can you find a wildness in your body
and walk through the store after work
holding it high?"

I've held aloft some delusions.
From now on I will be perfectly clear:
There's no part of the world more meaningful
and raw impermanence echoes in the sky.

There is either no end
or constant simultaneous end and beginning.

A pile of trash
the fog on the hill
standing in the parking lot squinting.
Track Name: the Place Lives
Watching the light change
I see the place lives.
I've stayed here long enough
moss has started to grow.
But still, wind sweeping clear
the brief collection assembled,
the silt I clutch.

Looking east in the spring
through ashes and fog
white permanent
Track Name: the Place I Live
If I look
or if I don't look
clouds are always passing over
the place I live.

The place I live
passing under
my feet while my mind wanders
in a sea of fog.

On a ridge
seeing through a hole in the fog
("A thought out of nowhere comes passing through")
I say to myself
("I say to myself, like a voice on the wind")
but I see nothing.
Rocks and water and wood
not speaking to me.
("Left alone to wander above")
Slow and uneasy and alive.
("wanderer above the sea of fog")

I mean the place lives
and clouds pass over
("sitting on a ridge and watching clouds pass over")
the landscape
a blanket on stone
("where an ocean of glaciers rolled")
Land waves are rolling.
("Through a fog, this is a brief life.")
("Short and cold, momentarily.")
("A life as brief as the morning fog")
I come out from under.
Track Name: Lone Bell
I imagined a clear bell echoing in the hills
behind curtains of rain
in the hills behind the high school
so I opened the door and went there.

Walking slowly in a white wall of fog
a silent more cautious awareness arises.
Deeper in, the ground at my feet falls away.
On a peak or in a swamp, all debris erased.

lone bell
clear moon
sky home
distorted cymbals rise

What is left of the dissipating dream world I made?
Mid day, in the light, quiet echoes of a freezing moon
distant bell, cold and clear.
Track Name: House Shape
I stayed inside all morning
watching waves of rain pass over
cold and dry by the window
I didn't turn a light on.
The fireplace dead since last night
emptiness inside, cold morning
low grey sky immense living belly
of a silver fur thing.
In waves of weather the house lies
piled up wood with me inside
I'm piled up dust, alive, dreaming
or walking whirlpool of water
awake and indifferent
looking at cars go by and then get forgotten
only a sound of a waterfall breathing out
in one long exhale
rings in my ears for a moment
then another wave of rain blows over
greying out the light
the lawn through window seems undiscovered.
A separate way of seeing.
A separate way of breathing it in.
A lost world separate from the usual
barely meaningful waking and dreaming.
Lost in an unfolding
thinking about what to do with a day
sitting while the light dies
until finally it's over.
In blue dusk I finally step outside
breathing in the cloud that has settled
noticing a black looming house shape
and at last my eyes crack open.
Track Name: Over Dark Water
Vastness and watching
at the crest of night
seeing in
blue hole grows

Swept above
the hills roll
over the water
I call low
to the ocean.
Track Name: Clear Moon
Lost in a fog
groaning an ode to a clear moon.
An empty song,
a flash of light in the storming.
as a blade.
A stream
the world awake.
The only light:
imagined clear moon in a black sky.
A distant bell:
imagined clear moon in a black sky.
Through a wall of fog:
clear moon remembered.
I breathe in.
Imagined clear moon in a black sky.
Track Name: Yawning Sky
Drifting sideways
waves roar
lifted high enough up to see the shore and my friend
then the trough
and impenetrable sky
yawning sky

Asking questions
while night grows
with an ancient unknown that I carry around,
then thunder replies
storming mind

Insignificant and billowing
a new storm
a new kind of roaring to tear through days
through the trees
through an opening light
yawning sky

Tossed on the waves
from moment to moment being carried wherever
face pressed against
an impenetrable sky
yawning sky

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